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  • Hastelloy Pipe/Tube/Tubing Supplier in Oman

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    ASTM B622 Hastelloy C2 Seamless Pipe Manufacturer, Stockist of Hastelloy B2 Exhaust Tube in Muscat, X Hastelloy Seamless Pipes, Alloy B3 Seamless Tubing Distributor in Oman,Hastelloy B3 EFW Tube Wholesaler in Oman,ASTM B335 Hastelloy B2 Hex Bar Dealer in Oman,Hastelloy UNS N10665 Bright Bar Trader in Oman,Hastelloy X Exhaust Tubing Trading Company in Oman

    ASTM B622 Alloy ERW Pipes Stockist in Oman, Alloy B3 Rectangular Pipes Importers in Oman,Alloy DIN 2.4617 Rectangular Welded Pipes,Alloy WNR 2.4602 Forged Bar Importers in Oman,ASTM B574 C22 Hastelloy Round Bars Stockholder in Oman,C22 Alloy Fasteners,DIN 2.4819 Alloy C276 Fasteners,Hastelloy X Hex Head Bolts,Alloy B3 Self Tapping Screws


    Hastelloy pipes are stocked in various forms & sizes including Alloy Pipe, Alloy Round Pipe, Alloy Square Pipe, Alloy Rectangular Pipe, Alloy Electropolished Pipe, Hastelloy Polished Pipe, Alloy Electrofusion Pipe. Raajsagar Steels is third largest Stockist & Trader of Hastelloy pipes in Oman.

    Longitudinally welded tubes are produced in stable conditions (indoors, no wind, clean atmosphere) with automatic welding and excellent backing gas shielding. The residual stress level may also be higher than for welded or seamless Pipes in Oman.
    We stock & supply all Hastelloy Tube grades including Hastelloy Capillary Tube,Hastelloy Cold Drawn Tube,Hastelloy Hydraulic Tube,Hastelloy Coiled Tube.We Are Largest Distributor of Hastelloy IBR Tubes in Oman. Raaj sagar Steels is Dealer & Distributor of Hastelloy Pipe in India.we are Also Stocking More Than 10 Thousand Variation of Hastelloy fasteners including Hastelloy Bolts, Alloy Hex Head Bolts, Alloy Self Tapping Screws, Hastelloy Countersunk Screws, Alloy Stud Bolts, Hastelloy Nut - Bolts in Oman, We Supply Industrial Steel Fasteners in All Hastelloy Grades like C276,C22,B2,B3,X.

    We Have Our Sales Representatives at Following Location in Oman to Help You For buying Hastelloy Piping Products

    Salalah, Oman
    Muttrah, Oman
    Sohar, Oman
    Ibri, Oman
    Nizwa, Oman
    Ruwi, Oman
    Saham, Oman
    Sur, Oman
    Muscat, Oman
    Shinas, Oman
    Samail, Oman
    Izki, Oman
    Qurayyat, Oman
    Ibra, Oman
    Adam, Oman

    Project & Clients Reference List in Oman

    Project NameAddress
    Oman International Petrochemical Industry Company (OMPET)P. O. Box 596, Postal Code 322, Sohar, Sultanate of Oman
    Oman Chlorine SAOGP O Box 193, PC 134,Jawhrat Al Shati,Muscat,Sultanate of Oman
    Oman Methanol Company (OMC)Falaj Al QabailSohar Industrial Area, P.O. Box 474Sohar 322, Oman
    Salalah Methanol Company L.L.C (SFZ)PO box 316, PC 217, Aquad, Salalah, Sultanate of Oman
    OMAN PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS COO Box 1885, Postal Code 111 Seeb, Sultanate of Oman

    Hastelloy Pipe Supplier in Oman

    Types of Hastelloy Tube Supplier in Oman

    Types of Hastelloy Tubing Supplier in Oman

    Types of Hastelloy Round Bar Supplier in Oman

    Alloy Round Bar Supplier in Oman
     Round Bar suppliers

    Round Bar
    Hastelloy Round Bar, Alloy Round Bar

     Flat Bar suppliers

    Flat Bar
    Hastelloy Flat Bar, Alloy Flat Bar

     Square Bar suppliers

    Square Bar
    Hastelloy Square Bar, Alloy Square Bar

     Round Corner Square Bar suppliers

    Round Corner Square Bar
    Hastelloy Round Corner Square Bar, Alloy Round Corner Square Bar

     PSQ Bar (PUMP SHAFT QUALITY BAR) suppliers

    Hastelloy PSQ Bar (PUMP SHAFT QUALITY BAR), Alloy PSQ Bar

     Hexagonal Bar / Hexagon Bar suppliers

    Hexagonal Bar / Hexagon Bar
    Hastelloy Hexagon Bar, Alloy Hexagon Bar

     Flat Block Bar suppliers

    Flat Block Bar
    Hastelloy Flat Block Bar, Alloy Flat Block Bar

     Rectangular Bar suppliers

    Rectangular Bar
    Hastelloy Rectangular Bar, Alloy Rectangular Bar

     Hollow Ring Bar suppliers in Mumbai

    Hollow Ring Bar
    Hastelloy Hollow Ring Bar, Alloy Hollow Ring Bar

     Bright Round Bar suppliers

    Bright Round Bar
    Hastelloy Bright Round Bar, Alloy Bright Round Bar

    Exporter of  Forged Round Bar

    Forged Round Bar
    Hastelloy Forged Round Bar, Alloy Forged Round Bar

     Cold Drawn Bar suppliers

    Cold Drawn Bar
    Hastelloy Cold Drawn Bar, Alloy Cold Drawn Bar

     Hollow Bar suppliers

    Hollow Bar
    Hastelloy Hollow Bar, Alloy Hollow Bar

     Circular Bar suppliers

    Circular Bar
    Hastelloy Circular Bar, Alloy Circular Bar

     Threaded Bar suppliers

    Threaded Bar
    Hastelloy Threaded Bar, Alloy Threaded Bar

     Angle Bar suppliers

    Angle Bar
    Hastelloy Angle Bar, Alloy Angle Bar

     Forged Bar suppliers

    Forged Bar
    Hastelloy Forged Bar, Alloy Forged Bar

     Triangle Bar suppliers

    Triangle Bar
    Hastelloy Triangle Bar, Alloy Triangle Bar

     Welding Rod suppliers

    Welding Rod
    Hastelloy Welding Rod, Alloy Welding Rod

     Threaded Rod suppliers

    Threaded Rod
    Hastelloy Threaded Rod, Alloy Threaded Rod

     Filler Rod suppliers

    Filler Rod
    Hastelloy Filler Rod, Alloy Filler Rod

    Types Of Hastelloy Fasteners Supplier in Oman

    Who We Are ?

    •  Hastelloy Oil & Gas Tubing Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy SCH 40 Tube Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy SCH 80 Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy seamless coil tubing Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy seamless straight tubing Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy cold drawn seamless tubes Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Aero engine tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Furnace Tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Tubes for Precision Components Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Aerospace tubes Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Oil and gas tubes Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Nuclear tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Chemical process tubes Stockholder in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Medical tubes Stockholder in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Heat exchanger tubes Manufacturer
    •  Hastelloy Control lines Stockholder in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Umbilicals Stockholder in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Hollow Bar Suppliers in Oman
    •  Alloy Black Bars Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Threaded Bars Dealer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Hexagon Bars Manufacturers
    •  Hastelloy Round Bar Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Bars Stockholder in Oman
    •  ASTM B574 Bars & Rods Stockholder in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Rod Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Rods Stockist in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Bar Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Forged Round Bars Manufacturer
    •  Alloy ASME Round Bar Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Hydraulic tubes Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy High pressure tubes Manufacturer
    •  Hastelloy Nuclear Fuel tubes Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy EFW Tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Instrumentation tubes Manufacturer
    •  Hastelloy Electropolished Tubes Manufacturer
    •  Hastelloy Rectangular Tube Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy SCH 40 Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy SCH 80 Tube Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Chemical Process Tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Welded coiled tubing Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Seamless Tubing Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Aerospace Engine Tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Cold Rolled Coiled Tubing Suppliers in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Tube, Tubes Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Seamless Tubing Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy seam-welded tubing Importer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy cold-drawn coiled tubing Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Electric Fusion Welding Tube Manufacturer
    •  Alloy Rods Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Square Bars Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Wires Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Rods & Wires Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Bars & Rods Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Nickel Round Rods Stockholder in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Cold Drawn Bars Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Alloy Bright Bars Importer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Spring Steel Bars Importer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Hex Bars Supplier in Oman
    •  AISI Hastelloy Bar Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Oval Tube Importer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Condenser Tubes Importer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Outside Polished Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  ASTM/ASME B167 Hastelloy Capillary Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy EFW Tube Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Boiler Tubes Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Cold Drawn Tube Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy U Shaped Tube Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy exhaust tubing Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Condensers tubes Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Super Heaters Wholesaler in Oman
    •  High Quality Hastelloy Seamless Tube
    •  Hastelloy Square Tube Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Round Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Rectangular Tube Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Triangle Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Hexagonal Tube Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Hollow Tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy thermocouple Tube Importer in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Cold Drawn Tube Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy ERW Tube Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Colour Coated Tube Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Welded Tube Distributor in Oman
    •  Hastelloy EFW Tubing Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy encapsulated coiled tubing Wholesaler in Oman
    •  Hastelloy high precision tubes Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy Nuclear Control Rod Tubes
    •  Hastelloy Secondary & Surplus Tube
    •  Hastelloy C276 Tubes for Heat Exchangers Supplier in Oman
    •  Hastelloy redrawn tubing Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Welded Tubing Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Secondary & Surplus Pipe Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Outside Polished Pipe ASTM/ASME B167 Manufacturer
  •  Hastelloy Electrofusion Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy EFW Pipe Suppliers in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Pipe Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Electropolished Pipes Wholesaler in Oman
  •  Hastelloy SCH 40 Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy SCH 80 Pipe Manufacturers
  •  High Quality Hastelloy Seamless Pipe Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Square Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Round Pipe Manufacturers
  •  Hastelloy Rectangular Pipe Wholesaler in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Triangle Pipe Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Hexagonal Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy thermocouple Pipe Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Cold Drawn Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy ERW Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Colour Coated Pipe Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Welded Pipe Wholesaler in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Electropolished Pipe Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Hollow Pipe Manufacturer & Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy U Shaped Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Alloy Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Oil Pipe Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Electric Resistance Welding Pipe Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Electric Fusion Welding Pipe Distributor in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Electric Resistance Welding Tube Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Heat Ex-changer Tubes Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Triangle Tube Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Secondary & Surplus Tube
  •  Hastelloy High-strength capillary tubing Manufacturer
  •  Hastelloy Bellows Tubes Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy precision tubes Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Transmission tubes Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Pitot tubes Dealer in Oman
  •  Alloy C276 Tube Supplier in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Electropolished Tube & Tubes Importer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Hollow Tube Manufacturers
  •  ASTM/ASME B622 Hastelloy Capillary Tubes Importer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy U Shaped Tube Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Alloy C276 Tube Importer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Tubing Dealer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Oil Tube Importer in Oman
  •  Hastelloy Coiled Seamless Tubing Manufacturer

  • Our Sales Representatives Address in Oman

    •  P.O.Box 1295, CPO Seeb 130، Way 31, Muscat, Oman

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